Innovation & Strategy

Innovation Workshops

Generative Ideation Workshops

Collaborative sessions to generate creative ideas and explore potential design solutions for a product or service.

Business Impact

  • Increased innovation, diverse perspectives, and a wider range of design options.

Questions to be Answered

  • How can we generate innovative ideas for our product?

  • What design solutions can we explore?

  • How can we encourage creativity and collaboration among team members?

Innovation Workshops

Feature Prioritization Workshops

Workshops focused on prioritizing and ranking features based on their importance, feasibility, and impact.

Business Impact

  • Efficient use of resources, improved decision-making, and alignment with user and business needs.

Questions to be Answered

  • What features should we prioritize in our product?

  • How can we determine the importance and impact of each feature?

  • What are the feasibility considerations for implementing these features?


Stakeholder Interviews

Conversations with individuals or groups who have a vested interest in the product, gathering insights and input.

Business Impact

  • Informed design decisions, better understanding of stakeholder needs, and improved collaboration and buy-in.

Questions to be Answered

  • What are the perspectives and requirements of our stakeholders?

  • How can we gather their insights and input?

  • How can we align our design with their needs and expectations?


Landscape Analysis

Examination of the broader context, industry trends, and market dynamics related to the product or service.

Business Impact

  • Informed design strategies, identification of market gaps and opportunities, and a competitive edge.

Questions to be Answered

  • What is the broader context and market landscape in which our product operates?

  • What are the current industry trends?

  • How can we identify gaps and opportunities based on the market dynamics?


Competitive Audit

Research and analysis of competitors' products or services, evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and features.

Business Impact

  • Insights into market positioning, differentiation opportunities, and identification of best practices and benchmarks.

Questions to be Answered

  • How do our competitors' products or services compare to ours?

  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?

  • How can we differentiate our offering? What can we learn from their best practices?


Primary & Secondary Research

Primary research involves collecting data directly from users or target audience, while secondary research utilizes existing data and sources.

Business Impact

  • In-depth understanding of user needs, informed design decisions, and evidence-based strategies.

Questions to be Answered

  • What are the specific needs and preferences of our users?

  • How can we gather primary data from our target audience?

  • What existing data and sources can we utilize to gain insights?

  • How can we ensure our design decisions are backed by evidence?


Qualitative & Quantititative Research

Qualitative research involves exploring user experiences, attitudes, and behaviors, while quantitative research focuses on numerical data and metrics.

Business Impact

  • Holistic understanding of user behavior and preferences, identification of patterns and trends, and data-driven decision-making.

Questions to be Answered

  • How do users perceive and interact with our product?

  • What are their attitudes and behaviors?

  • What are the numerical metrics and trends that can provide insights?

  • How can we blend qualitative and quantitative research methods for a comprehensive understanding?


Data Analytics

Gathering and analyzing data related to user behavior, usage patterns, and performance metrics of a product.

Business Impact

  • Insights into user engagement, identification of areas for improvement, data-driven optimization, and informed decision-making.

Questions to be Answered

  • What data points can we collect regarding user behavior and engagement?

  • How can we analyze this data to gain insights?

  • How can we optimize our product based on data-driven decisions?


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