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1. Research & Ideation

At the beginning of our workflow is developing a deep understanding of our product opportunity and conducting research to formulate a creative vision and strategic direction.

Questions to answer:

  • Who is our audience?
  • What are our opportunities?
  • What is happening across our product landscape?
  • How are we thinking outside the box?
  • What is the product vision?

Market & Audience Research

Conducting primary and secondary research to identify product oppportunities.

  • User interviews
  • Competitive audit
  • Historial mapping
  • Lit review

Human-centered Strategy

Creating strategic artifacts that ground our creative work in human-centered experiences.

  • Personas / Archetypes
  • User journeys

Ideation Workshops

Bringing teams together to collectively ideate and prioritize the direction of our digital product.

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Feature prioritization workshops
  • Generative ideation workshops

2. Validation & Testing

The secret to our success in product design has been helping clients find their product-market fit. We create early concepts and prototypes to test in-market to understand audience sentiments and aggregate the key details to ensure that what we design in the following phase is strategically sound. We break down our creative vision into design hypothesis to test and learn from our target audience.

Questions to answer:

  • Is our product performing as-expected?
  • How does our audience react to our product?
  • What are opportunities to further explore?
  • What are gaps between our expected and realized experience?

Design Hypothesis

Developing design hypothesis based on product features and audience flows to test and validate the product.

  • Test stimuli
  • Test scripts
  • Design hypothesis

Early Prototypes

Identifying key features and flows of our products and developing early wireframes and/or designs to rapidly test and guage product-market fit of our product.

  • Wireframes and/or design protoytpes


Conducting testing with target audience to validate product-market fit.

  • Usability testing

3. Product Design

Once we have determined a product-market fit with our prototypes, we turn towards product design to further flush out our product. We leverage wireframes, designs, and interaction design to create a robust end-to-end product design deliverable to successfully launch your product.

Questions to answer:

  • How does the experience look and feel?
  • How does the product look like at various screen sizes?
  • What is the visual language?

UX & Product Design

Bringing together core team members and stakeholders to understand current business opportunities and challenges to integrate into our updated product

  • Responsive design
  • Low to High-fidelity Wireframes
  • High-fidelity Product Design

Early Prototypes

Developing a cohesive look & feel for our digital product.

  • Mood boards
  • Brand guide

Success Metrics

Developing key metrics to track the performance of our products and identifying data pipelines and services to meet our needs best.

  • Success metrics


Setting up our product design for teams to adopt and scale.

  • Design specs
  • UX annotations

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