Give your products a makeover.

We take existing digital products and breathe new life into them with research, digital branding, and product design.



1. Product Analysis

A thorough deep-dive into existing products to understand it’s performance and identify opportunities to further explore through testing and product design.

Questions to answer:

  • How has our existing product performed previously?
  • What are the opportunities - in the immediate and long-term?

Product Analysis

Assessment of the current product experience, its data, and identifying opportunities, pain points, and design hypothesis within the experience.

  • Product heuristic audit
  • Data analysis
    • Google Analytics
    • Adobe Analytics

Business Analysis

Bringing together core team members and stakeholders to understand current business opportunities and challenges to integrate into our updated product.

  • Stakeholder interview
  • Product heuristic audit workshop

Market Analysis

Conducting primary and secondary research to identify product opportunities.

  • Competitive Audit

Audience Analysis

Creating strategic artifacts that grounds our creative work in human-centered experiences.

  • Personas / Archetypes
  • User journeys

2. Product Design

Leveraging our deep-dive of product analysis, we then articulate the product design through a series of low to high fidelity wireframes to validate features, and then developing various concepts of high-fidelity product designs to address the end-to-end product journey.

Questions to answer:

  • How does the experience look and feel?
  • How does the product look like at various screen sizes?
  • What is the visual language?
  • What is the product vision?

UX & Product Design

Bringing together core team members and stakeholders to understand current business opportunities and challenges to integrate into our updated product.

  • Responsive design
  • Low to High-fidelity Wireframes
  • High-fidelity Product Design

Digital Branding

Developing a cohesive look & feel for our digital product.

  • Mood boards
  • Brand guide

Success Metrics

Developing key metrics to track the performance of our products and identifying data pipelines and services to best meet our needs.

  • Success metrics


Setting up our product design for teams to adopt and scale.

  • Design specs
  • Annotations

3. User Testing & Research

We validate our product designs through an iterative cycle of user testing & research. Once our product designs come to a throrough stopping point, we go into testing to ensure that our design hypothesis performa as-expected and our product redesign will be successful.

Questions to answer:

  • Is our product performing as-expected?
  • How does our audience react to our product?
  • What are opportunities to further explore?
  • What are gaps between our expected and realized experience?

Design Hypothesis

Developing design hypothesis based on product features and audience flows to test and validate the product.

  • Test stimuli
  • Test scripts
  • Design hypothesis

Early Prototypes

Identifying key features and flows of our products and developing early wireframes and/or designs to rapidly test and gauge the product-market fit of our product.

  • Wireframes and/or design prototypes

Success Metrics

Conducting testing with the target audience to validate product-market fit.

  • Usability testing

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